We are guided by an entrepreneurial approach to talent acquisition with a focus on teamwork with our clients, fostering a free flow of ideas and research strategies. Our non-negotiable values are integrity, professionalism and confidentiality.

Executive Search

We meet with our clients to assess their talent acquisition needs both in the United States as well as in the global marketplace.

Working together, we determine the timeframe for each search, and define the position specifications, the ideal candidate's experience, education, personal profile and potential for career development and growth.
  • We compile a list of targeted markets and industries.
  • Consulting our state-of-the-art internal database of talent, we prioritize companies most likely to generate quality candidates.
  • We contact our global corporate network for sourcing candidates.
  • We develop a comprehensive criteria for assessment interviews using behavioral techniques and Targeted Selection process.
  • We approach prospective candidates and conduct thorough assessment interviews. Each assessment interview focuses on the candidate’s professional career experience and individual personality profile.
  • The initial interview is over the phone.
  • The second interview is through a video interview technology called WePow. The third interview is a Face to Face meeting.
  • Each candidate’s Management Skills and Personal Profiles are assessed using Hogan Assessment Systems battery of tests.
  • After selecting two to four potential qualified candidates, we prepare a "Candidate Report" for each candidate interviewed, with our assessment of their professional and personal qualifications.
  • Working with our client, we review the candidates credentials and provide support in the analysis and evaluation of the best possible candidate.
  • We conduct references and create a matrix of the strengths each candidate brings to the position.


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