We are rewarded with being the consultants of choice through our repeated and successful business affiliations with our clients. Our list of clients have no borders. We offer our services globally. With Regional Headquarters in Shanghai (Far East), London (Europe), Atlanta (USA) and Santiago (Chile), we are uniquely qualified to provide our clients flexible solutions to their unique corporate needs.


ECS Partners International's list of executive placement clients has no borders. The firm offers its services to companies around the world.

With our personalized approach to global executive searches, we gain deep insight into each of our clients organization, culture, management profile and business objectives.

Clients know what to expect from ECS Partners International. The firm promises an unparalleled level of personalized service, with one partner personally working on each account. Partners do not accept more assignments than they can effectively handle. Time zones are immaterial for a firm that makes itself available 24/7 on each client’s behalf. With its straightforward approach, ECS Partners International strives to advise and not convince clients when it comes to making important decisions. Our clients consistently tell us that they value our approach.



1395 Brickell Ave. – 8TH floor
Miami, FL 33131 USA
Phone: +1 305-357-2163


Calle 124 # 7-35 Oficina 701
Bogotá, Colombia
Office (571) 592-1571


Ed. World Trade Center P-2
Marbella, Panama
Phone: +1 (786) 208-1111